Our goals

The choice is yours. It's all about living a wonderful life.

Many men will get cancer and will have to go though all of the trials and tribulations of dealing with this disease. The presence of cancer can be a life changing experience. It can make us change the way we live every day. We come to the realization that life is short, and that each day left is more valuable than the day before.  Life is all about being able to enjoy every day to the best of our ability. That is easier if we are not burdened by cancer or its side effects. Today, oftentimes the cancer can be treated successfully, but the side effects can be a burden on us for the rest of our life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness of choices and empower others to choose the therapy that works best for them and their situation.  In many cases, there are options that offer the least amount of side effects so that patients may continue to live a full, happy, active life full of vigor.