With our talks, we are able to reach out through.

Service Clubs

Service Cubs

Service clubs, such as Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary, serve the community and are a great place to share information.

Health Fairs


Health fairs attract many people who want to learn about illnesses and cures. We attend many health fairs in and around our Southern California area in order to talk about cancer and cancer therapies.

Clubs of all types


We attend many events such as Air, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Gun, Camping, Outdoor, Home and many other types of shows to create awareness for people at risk for developing cancer.

One-On-One and Round Tables


Intimate meetings allow us to share information on a more personal level so that we can answer questions of a more private nature.

Special events


Company retreats, seminars, conferences, and many other private events are a wonderful way to create awareness. Civic-minded organizations know that providing this type of information is a great benefit for all members of their teams and staff.

Trade shows


At trade shows, we help disseminate information to people who would otherwise not know where to obtain information on cancer or certain therapies.

Where we give our speaking programs

Some comments from our hosts

Rotary club of South Pasadena


We members of the Rotary Club of South Pasadena greatly enjoyed your informative presentation at our meeting this past Tuesday! Thank you! We appreciate how you took time to visit us, share a lunch with us and inform us about your experience with cancer and how

proton therapy was so completely beneficial to you. 

We are so very glad that it worked out this way for you and it is good and generous of you to be spreading the word about this treatment option which is not at all commonly known. Your

efforts in sharing information will be of use to many and will save lives!

You are an excellent speaker and we were fascinated by your presentation. We wish you all great continued success in all of your meaningful work!

Very best regards,

Christine Robison

Rotary Club of South Pasadena

KIwanis Club of Clairmont


you for your excellent presentation on your experience as a cancer survivor, but more importantly, addressing the need for us, as consumers, to become self-advocates in support of our own health care. The feedback I received from members after your presentation, was very positive. You stress in your speaking programs, the need, especially for men, to talk about health issues. You certainly got our group talking with each other, sharing stories of their experiences with cancer, as well as their experiences with medical insurance programs and how to solve those issues as expressed in your educational presentations.

Lions club of La Mesa

Hi Sal,  

Thanks for giving your presentation to our club today. Your talk was “Right On”. I think you did a great job. You related all your experience in a clear way and kept the members attention and elicited lots of laughs which is always good.

Speaking as a medical oncologist, I am in agreement with all you had to say, you made excellent points on your interesting presentation. I like the way you navigated the last nine years and related how you chose your options to fight cancer.

Thanks again for coming,

Tom Callan

Program Director

Lions Club of La Mesa.

Arcadia Palace

Dear Mr. Mariscal

Thank you so much for being a speaker at our community today. Several of our residents that listened to your presentation commented to me afterwards that it was a very interesting talk and that they had learned many interesting things about cancer. They said wonderful things about you! Including that you were a great speaker and a very motivational one. They enjoyed it very much.

You are always welcome to our community. 

Thanks again!

Donina Ramirez

Enrichment Coordinator | Arcadia Place